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Hey there! My name is Muaaz Lokhandwala. Currently, I am studying at Fountainhead school. I am glad that this my last year of school life and now I can finally reflect my learning from IB to this world. IB is one of the most useful things in my life, IB made me a  fearless speaker. IB also exposed me to many great skills i.e Communicating, Time management, Analytical skill and many more. Actually IB isn’t something that I enjoy the most. I have always engaged and enjoyed physical activities like sports, gymming, etc. Cricket and football are one of my favorite sports and I am good at it because I have been to the state level for both sports. I am also a very religious guy who is always doing the right things when no one is seeing. I have never tried to explore the field of music, although I love music a lot I have never played any instrument or so. Music requires patience and that is what I lack in “patience”. This shows that I should improve my self-management skills. Self-management is very important for a good life. Life has many ups and downs, everyone loves ups in life but they hate downs in life. A person with who has mastered self-management skills not only enjoys the ups more but also learns from the downs of life.

“No matter how the day was, just smiled at the end and look towards the future” is the idea by which I am trying to live up to. I am a person who takes a lot of stress and I feel bad for small things, but this should not be the case . I would like to follow my ideas of just smiling no matter how the day was happy or sad. Thinking about the future is way better than thinking about the past

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