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Hello, I’m Vrisha Makwana from Surat, Gujarat, India. I am 18 years adventurous teen who has many interests and capabilities. I study in an elite school name fountainhead  and I’m in my final year of high school, graduating in the year 2020. I like to cook food of different continents because of growing curiosity and helping my mother out at home. I really love eating new food from different cuisines. I also love to play instruments such as piano and keyboard, I am brilliant in painting and crafts along with having an interest in sport. I play keyboard since 7 years now and further had a keen interest in piano due to its majestic vibe and echo which I have recently started playing, painting and crafts have been with me as a getaway and way of appreciation since childhood for which I have received many awards as according to me art is just a plain canvas and one can shape it with any emotion they want as it is meant to express, I like the business Idea about drawing more significantly which also helped me decide my career option as I got very easily inclined in designing and structuring houses for people to accommodate. I perceive to be an architect and be engrossed in the business side of it with a goal to expand the family business. I like to make different cuisines and treat people! My friends and family are a solid alibi for it !! As it brings me happiness to see them feel good and delighted, I even have an interest in reading, normally I read self-help books which helps me understand certain concepts of life and the world around and I also read fiction and romcoms sometimes as well. I am an ambitious kid with many dreams and desires. Being one of them is traveling the world and capturing its beauty in my heart. I carry my journal and camera everywhere I go and try to put it down in it as possible although I click pictures more often. Adventure is my second adjective I guess as I love to try things that make my heart throb and which expands my limits.

I also want the world to be a better place for everyone no matter their Identity or occupation along with awaring people about the nature-human balance. We humans only just don’t reside on this planet but other beautiful creations of nature does too as animals. We all should do something in our life to contribute back to society and nature in hopes of making the world a better place to reside. I personally get involved and want to educate each and every child in India if not the entire world. The reason for it is as according to me a child is like clay for pottery however the potter shapes it, It will be formed and become something and I have witnessed and believe what wonders a child can do from underprivileged if given a good opportunity My steps are smaller and gradually spreading from nearby areas to greater.This would bring a change. And at Last, I wait for what future holds for me.

This is me,

Global Odyssey

We, the students of grade 11 have organized an event called ‘Global Odyssey’. This is an event to exhibit learning across subjects from Humanities including business management, psychology, ITGS, Economics, Global Politics. We were focusing on the concepts of Globalisation, Innovation, and Ethics. There were various teams like entertainment, food, logistics, fashion and tourism, finance […]