Video about CAS (PROJECT) – Ansh Patel

Audio/video reflection link: Video about CAS (for photographic evidence) link: CAS Project Plan: 27 August 2019 (start brainstorming ideas for video). 3 September (finish the video idea). 9 September (confirm the video idea with the CAS supervisor). 21 September (gather actors for video). 22 September (Start rehearsal). 28 September (film). 29 September (edit film). […]

Global Oydssey

For this activity, the eleventh grade was divided into groups, and each group was allowed to simulate a stall-based business that corresponds to the curriculum of the group three subjects. These stalls included activities such as food distribution and managing the turnover/financial calculations (back-end activities). Date: 14th of February 2019 My participation description:  I was […]