On 10th January 2019, we celebrated royal weddings from countries all over the world! Different text types were used to show how language played a role in different cultures. We were divided into groups and were given specific countries each. We had the liberty to make our own groups because it makes work a lot more easy for the people whom we are well familiar with.These countries included- India, Middle East, Morocco, Europe, America and many more. I was in Team India. I was very happy that I got team India because nowadays we all are forgetting our old culture and I wanted the upcoming generation to know it and to continue that.  It was very easy for me to connect with our topic, which turned out to be a benefit for our team. We had set up the wedding of ___ and __. I was assigned the task to make the text type-Twitter and Facebook post.

Learning Outcome achieved:

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Confidence is my strength so during the event I was able to explain about my text type to people and convey the correct message to them. My weakness was that I was not able to focus on my task which was assigned to me by my captain because of gossiping around with my friends. I feel it became very important for me to realise my weakness and work upon it as soon as possible so that in other group in which I participate, I should not lead down my team by my work.I will like to work upon this weakness by giving more time to my work with losing focus from my work.

LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process:

The most challenging part was to explain to students about the old religious stuff because living in today’s modern city the kids never believed  in touching the feets of elders and horoscope. So connecting with them was really hard. I connected it with the twitter and the facebook post which they check frequently and the only person they listen to. I had to be patient thought out the event because there were some people who totally unaware of what indian wedding is all about.

LO4:  Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

We as a group, were commited to make our Group the best one amongst all the 7 teams. And yes, we achieved that goal by working hard and meeting all the deadlines. Therefore, commitment was necessary in order to make our event a success.

LO5:  Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working in a team, divided our work and gave us the chance to make many different text types. Having various text types meant connecting to the audience more and giving them more examples so that they were able to understand clearly. We all were on the same page during the entire event, which made things run smoothly and easily. So, having the help of others made the work easy and since I was in a group with my friends, I was very comfortable and enjoy this event to the fullest.

Overall, Whakanui taught us how different cultures have different ways of writing styles. We were even able to connect to our language and literature curriculum as writing helps us in my Written tasks and present our work to others helped me in developing my FOA skills. It was a fun, yet a learning experience, which helped me develop various skills. I am even grateful to be a part of the very first Whakanui edition and feel blessed to be setting an example for students younger than me.


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