Whakanui or celebrations:A royal wedding

Whakanui was an event based on our language and literature course which was held in the school itself. It helped us as students to explore different kinds of culture, their use of language and also about their tradition. The whole grade was split into different groups and each group was assigned with a country and then we were expected to present different kind of text types which were to be based on the theme Royal Wedding. We had to present the text types in accordance with the wedding which had already occurred in the past of the respective country. We had chosen different platforms of social media, blog, in shots etc. as our text type. Our team had got middle east as the region and we had selected royal weddings from two places which were Dubai and Jordan.we had to present our text types to teachers and student. I had chosen Instagram which is today’s most popular social media platform as my text type. As Instagram is the most famous social media platform everyone could connect to it easily and understand the text type more efficiently.

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas of growth.

  • I had created 4¬† Instagram post in total,2 were based on the wedding in Dubai and other 2 on Jordan. Of the two posts, one was a pre-wedding post and one was a post-wedding post. As the post was completely created by me I tried to be as creative as I could be with the captions (the language used in it)and the complete post. As we had chosen reputed social media sites as our text type we could not hinder with the layout of it, so we could not show our creative side there.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

  • We were expected to create the text type, for that, we as a team had done extensive research about the culture, tradition, type of language, everything about the wedding(place, date etc.) of respective places. At first, we thought we could get our text type printed but then TL proposed the idea of drawing it. This was a challenge undertaken by me as drawing the exact same layout of Instagram was quite tough.

LO4: Show commitment and  perseverance in CAS experience

  • The work done by me was submitted on time and didn’t exceed the time limit given by TL. Also, I had attended all the early in meeting’s which were scheduled and worked wholeheartedly in the slots given to us for the event.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

  • ¬†This was only because of the teamwork that we could present our work in such an efficient and appropriate way. We were assigned our individual text types but the research for the royal weddings was done by the complete team and rather than just focusing or doing our individual work we also helped the fellow teammates also we had an amazing rapport while explaining the text types on the culture day.

All and all this event was very engrossing for everyone. We got to learn about our topic language in cultural context in a quite engaging way and it never felt uninteresting or dull while working for the event. The event had received a huge amount of appreciation. I look forward to taking part again in such events if they ever occur in the future and strive for making it as flawless as I can.



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