Mount Abu trip

It was our school trip in the year 2018, we went to a place called Mount Abu. It was really fun for us as we had to take part in different adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, and caving. Our aim was to explore the nature and the forest, we also had to get out of our comfort zone and experience the adventure that we had never done before. We also had aimed to get an experience to live in a tent but we were not able to experience it due to some problem of land.


Learning Outcome 2:-  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

Caving was the activity which had proved to be difficult at times, as this was the first time that I had experienced this activity, I was so nervous because of the narrow gaps we had to pass through there were also parts which were between two rocks and were completely dark and I was also unaware that where should I step as the base was also uneven. There was an instructor who had guided us about where should we step. It was difficult but I had made up my mind that I wanted to do it and thought about the feeling of accomplishment I would get after the activity, so I successfully did it. I really feel proud of myself that I had passed through a difficult time bravely. It is very important to take up new challenges as I have learned that we gain new experience in different fields after which our confidence increases and we also built trust in ourselves. I learned that I was a good listener as it was very important to listen and understand the instructor as it was very helpful in completing this activity. Being a good listener helps a lot in my daily routine as it would help me to understand my surroundings and react accordingly. I think it is good to know about my skill as this makes me feel more confident and I could also enhance this skill.


Learning Outcome 5:- Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively

Working with others is not generally easy for me but on the trip, I was with my friends and classmates so it was not very difficult for me to collaborate and work. I was having difficulty while trekking and caving in the forest, and I could also see some of my friends around me struggling. But we had helped each other while trekking. I think it was very important to work collaboratively with others as it had motivated us to complete the activity and help. Showcasing the quality of teamwork had also increased the bond of friendship between me and my classmates and it had given support to each other. As a result, we had enjoyed the adventure activities and made many memories.


Learning Outcome 7:- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

During our trip, there were some rules made for us which we were required to follow like not bringing the mobile phones and junk food with us on the trip. Our bags were being checked, but still bringing this stuff or not was our choice and were our ethics. These rules were made for us so we could be healthy and enjoy our trip by conversing with each other and not spending time on gadgets. In the beginning, I felt that we were being overcontrolled and not given freedom but then we had started enjoying. I had then realized that if we would have been allowed the gadgets then we would not spend as much time as we have spent with each other. This has also helped us to make great memories.



The learner profiles that I developed were risk-taker and caring, as I had taken up the challenge of experiencing new adventure activities and while this I had also helped my other friends around me. The highlight of this activity is that during any adventure if people help each other then that adventure activity could be easily completed. After this activity, I got a sense of accomplishment as I had taken up the challenge and I was able to complete it successfully. One thing I have experienced new is of living in nature and experiencing the simplicity of nature.



This is a picture of me when I was doing the activity of caving.

Doing activities on camp.


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