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Hi there,

My name is Jainam Shah and I am 17 years old. I am currently studying in IBDP’s second year. My main talents which I have discovered as of now are playing basketball, making new friends and Dance. I am playing for my city’s basketball team for the past 2 years which is a very proud moment for me. Basketball is a very crucial sport for me as it has made my identity-aware to a lot of people which is a pride moment for me and my parents. Also, I have won many dance championships in the past and performed in many big events of Surat.

I love to listen to songs, play video-games, make new friends, travel and play multiple sports. These are the activities that gives me joy and make me aware of the world outside my four walls. I am an extrovert which has helped me in many sectors of my life. It has helped me when I travel, to communicate with the locals and understand their culture and ideologies. Even in my CAS experiences, being an extrovert is really helpful as I could talk to a huge variety of people to convince them to enroll in my activities, delegate the tasks, etc. Playing sport is what I have always loved. I love to keep myself fit and healthy hence I play a lot of sports.

As they say, no one is perfect, I am still improving my basketball skills to achieve my dream to play for my state’s team and for that, I go to practice regularly. This is my short-term dream which I a striving to fulfill. I would also like to improve my academics and score further better grades for a good college. I always like to be involved in activities where I can meet new people, community services, sport-related activities. These things give me joy and a sense of satisfaction as I can help the people in need and bring a smile on their face.

My outlook on life is very straight forward. “Nothing is worth it if you aren’t Happy” by KUSHANDWIZDOM. It is very much clear that every task I perform, from academics to extracurricular activities, I have always stayed positive about it and always volunteered. It makes me happy to perform new tasks and discover new aspects of myself. It shows me that I am not the only one with a set of dreams but there is a fierce competition out there striving to make their own place and identity in this world and everyone has to work hard and take everything positively and happily because I believe that no one makes mistakes, it’s just that people do things in a different way which doesn’t go according to the plan and hence they learn new things. There is no such thing as failure. I like to stay positive in my life and make sure that I receive every event in an optimistic approach.

According to me, the first issue to be resolved upon is water scarcity as the water threat is real and it can take many lives and start many wars f nothing is done to resolve this dispute hence I thing water dispute is the most important issue to solve right now. Also, I feel that discrimination should not be practiced as it affects people on a psychological level which can be devastating and disturbing to them leading to mental illness and suicides. I would always love to volunteer for community tasks which brings betterment in the surroundings and makes people’s lives better and happy.

I have always wanted to try sky diving as it gives an adrenaline pump in the body and I love to do adventurous tasks. I would also like to give a shot to scuba diving as the aquatic life always intrigues and fascinated me hence I would love to try these 2 things in the near future.

To conclude, I would like to say that I would definitely miss IBDP because of the skills and time management it has taught me, the ability to stay on toes, and always ready to be there for the people in need and friends, it will always help me in my life. The CAS experiences have taught me many things and skills, and have shown me that even with a rigorous course like IBDP, I can still manage my extracurricular activities side to side without hampering my studies. I am not sure if these skills could be learned from somewhere else this naturally hence I will always be grateful to this course.

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