Group 3 event (Global Odyssey)

This was an event related to group 3 subject Business Management. This event was named Global Odyssey. We were divided into different groups and accordingly allotted different topics. There were different groups representing different topics like entertainment, tourism, enterprise food, etc. I was part of the entertainment group, where we aimed to entertain the visitors through interesting games like darts and balloons. We were charging some money for the entertainment we were providing. We had also aimed to do social work by donating the money we had earned to an NGO which deals with the problem of the missing girl child.


Learning Outcome 3:-

To organize myself I had decided to first do the task which holds the most priority. And the task which has the deadline coming in a while. Mostly I am an organized person and our group always had a meeting to discuss what is to be done further and who has the do the task, so we were able to plan our task well. And initiating the planned task was difficult at times when there was too much rush at our stalls. I discovered that my presence of mind was great as when there was a lot of rush at our stalls then I along with my teammates was able to handle the crowd and I didn’t become nervous and was able to instruct all the rules and regulations of the game to the customers. And they were happy to play the game. I think that after this activity I have gained confidence in myself about working with a lot of people and express my thoughts clearly to them. So I would be able to work with greater confidence in similar kinds of situations in the future. It is very necessary to plan and initiate the activities as planning helps to identify the problems and find specific solutions to it so that the initiating becomes easier. Initiating the plans gives an experience of the activity which helps to build confidence.


Learning Outcome 6:-

The issue is that girls are getting kidnapped at many places around the world and they are being sold to people or are placed at places where they get raped. It is a global concern as this happens in many places around the world. Being a part of this society, it would concern me directly if the girls around me are not safe and are not free to travel independently at public places because of the fear of getting kidnapped. It restricts the girls from achieving their goals as in the real world they are not safe. It concerns me if my sisters and friends are not safe in society. After donating the money I feel that I have helped the society and worked towards making the world a safe place for all so that the feeling of insecurity cannot resist girls from achieving their goals, it gives me a sense of responsibility for the society. While working the problem gave me a purpose to work, and then donating the money made me feel that this problem is not impossible to solve if enough awareness is being spread and people are being made aware of their responsibility towards the society. 

Learning Outcome 7:-

There were times when there was a lot of crowd waiting to play games at our stall. We could have increased our price in response to the increased demand for the activities and it could also have increased our profit. The ethical decisions were to be taken by me as I was also taking payments for my group. I did not increase the prize for the activities as this would be unfair to the customers and against my personal ethics. The issue made me feel that if I would make any unethical decision then it would question my character. And when I made the decision not to increase the price then I really felt very proud of myself and it increased my confidence in my ethical character. Before the activity I felt that changing prizes was not a big deal and one could gain the advantage of high demand and increase the prices of its services, but when I myself was in this situation I felt that it is really a critical decision, especially when the aim of the whole activity is to cater to a social problem. 



The IB learner profiles developed during this activity are principled and thinkers, like the decision I made, had involved critical thinking. The activities had provided the visitors some games to entertain themselves. And the money collected through the payment of the activities were donated to an NGO working to save missing girls so that the NGO could operate to work towards assuring the safety of girls and spread awareness about the issue. We were successfully able to collect funds from the activity and donate it to the NGO it made me feel proud of myself and I also got to know about the seriousness of the issue of missing girls. Through the experience of this activity, I got to the value of the ethical decision and the sense of pride I got on myself. So I will continue making ethical decisions whenever I need to in the future situation.


Me handling the dart game.

Video link of the event:-



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