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Hello Friends, My name is Aayush Patel and I am 17 years old. I am currently in the 2nd year of IB Diploma Programme. One of most important skills I posses is the ability to work collaboratively with others and sometimes also take leadership positions. Moreover, I am a very fast learner and I am always curious to know more things about my surroundings. These qualities of mine has immensely helped in My CAS experience and journey. Along the 2 years and engaging in several amazing CAS Activities, I can positively see a change in my attitude and personality. I have also developed new skills which otherwise wouldn’t have if CAS was not there.

Since a very young age I have been very fascinated to travel to different places and understand the world through the lens of other cultures. I am strongly inclined towards business and I believe that power of business is and will change the world in a positive way therefore I desire to create my own business empire as it would provide me an effective medium to change other people’s life in a positive way for a little profit I guess. My next goal may seem very abstract or far reachable but I strongly desire to be the Prime Minister of India someday.

My Outlook on life avery complicated and it keeps on changing with regards to things I am engaged in. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that there are 2 driving forces in one’s life : Love and Fear. You cannot possibly understand love, so your life becomes a quest for overcoming fear. This motto in life motivates me to constantly overcome my fear and progress in life. I also passionately believe in the term “Nothing is Impossible” as cliche as it sounds It is still one of most helpful mindset one should have.

Environmental issues are currently the most important threat to mankind and it should be quickly resolved to sustain a healthy life for not only humans but also our animal counterpart. So I strongly believe in bringing creative solution to fight climate change and global warming.

I would miss my IBDP journey once it gets over because of the vast learning experiences it has provided to me. However, I would never stop learning new things throughout my life because at end of the a perosn’s knowledge is what makes you successful in life and eventually happy.

There are many things in life which I want to do such as Climbing Mount Everest, skydiving and many other adventurous and wildlife activities as it will keep my soul alive. Moreover, as I said life is a quest of overcoming fear, so I will fight all my fears and hopefully win at life and the end goal is to be happy.


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