Service Session Reflection

Fountainhead School had invited many children from few government schools to engage with us in various activities such as sports: football, basketball, frisbee, table tennis, volleyball and also various activities in arts such as dance, music, cooking, ICT and many more. This gave them an opportunity to explore and learn and develop skills which can help them in their overall development. These children came to our school for 6 consecutive Saturdays and we provided them with resources and engaged with them by teaching them these skills. I taught Ultimate frisbee. We did several drills and practice of basic throws. The children were divided into groups so every child was given focused on and it could be managed easily. This particular helped me developed many skills myself and there were many leanings from it.


Learning outcomes Achieved:


L2: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

All the children which came from an underprivileged background with less opportunity and resources. The children had a lot of enthusiasm and had a positive attitude towards learning something new which made me happy and excited to teach them. However, I was equally nervous as I am not a great communicator. Over time and couple of Saturdays, I was able to develop my communication skills and engage with the children effectively. Sometimes the children wouldn’t co-operate or listen to us due to that I also developed to be more patient and kind. Eventually, I developed many skills


L3: show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

We were given many choices from which we had to select what we wanted to teach the children. Everything ahead was supposed to be done by us without help from our teachers and mentors. All the planning and the decision making of the session was decided collaboratively with my colleagues. The setting up of the field and putting all the cones in the correct places was done by me on many Saturdays. The resources were brought by us to the ground and placed back properly on the proper place at the right time without any school resources getting misplaced.


L5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

The whole service session initiative was a success solely because of the collaborative work done by everyone. Cooperation within a team is very vital for the success of a particular event. The task was much easier to execute as it was a team task. Even after we had planned the schedule for each class, we split people. 6-7 people would do the warm up with the kids and the rest would set up the field and plan the drills. I was leading the setting up the field and the drill planning team, it was great as whenever I was stuck or was not prepared, someone else would support me and we would continue. The same thing happened with the other team, sometimes we used to help them. A team can have a few quarrels but members of the team also help and support each other which is a huge advantage!

Through this service sessions, several skills were learned and developed. My communication skills were developed and I became a better communicator. I learned team management skills through this CAS experience which would help me in my upcoming activities and I can be a lifelong learner and a democratic leader.

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