Reflection on the Service Session from school (CAS):

For this service activity, I was responsible for conducting the class of ICT, where I teach the underprivileged students from different schools about computers.

For me, working with others is generally a little difficult as I don’t find myself to be scared about other people’s opinions, but in this activity, I collaborated with students from different grades to teach to the children from other schools. This happened as I taught myself how to positively comprehend other people’s comments on different activities/manners/ ideas.

The difficulty that I faced during this activity was to handle the students, who were younger than me as they would not understand few aspects, and commands from me. So to handle it, I had to give up few of my ideas, and work with the younger students’ ideas to satisfy them. Due to this, they would listen to me as they would feel that I consider their point of view, therefore they should consider mine too.

In this activity, it was important to work collaboratively with others as there were a lot of young children from other school, who would speak different languages, have different behaviour, and attitude towards our teachings, and would have different requests for learning from us. These many requirements would not have be met by one person as it would need a team work, where different students can handle different children from other schools. A collaborative working environment was necessary to satisfy the learning experience of the children from other schools, hence making it important for this activity.

Ultimately, I succeeded in achieving the learning outcome 5, along with taking a step into overcoming the fear of other people’s comment turning out to be rude.


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