Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen was an event organized by the school students and it was held at Fountainhead School wherein we had an opportunity to pay back to the support staff who enthusiastically and diligently work for us throughout the year. In karma kitchen the students had cooked food for the school support staff, the students had also decorated the dining area to give it an alluring look and at the end, students also gave them thank you cards printed in regional language. I also did jobs like cleaning the dishes which taught me that even the smallest and simple looking task requires effort. At first, I had difficulties in doing the task like rolling the puri’s in perfect round shape but with practice, it got better.

LO1: Identify own strength and develop areas of growth.

  • Cooking is a task which I enjoy doing and I have a major interest in it. So I saw cooking as my strength. I was inclined towards cooking international cuisine and never tried cooking Indian cuisine so this was my very first exposure towards cooking Indian food. Initially getting through it seemed to be a little tough but with patience and practice, it got much better.

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experience

  • The event took place on the non-working day, also it was not compulsory for the students to attend the event but we pitched in and worked with full enthusiasm and zeal.
  • This shows my perseverance and commitment towards the event.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

  • working together as a team helps us in so many ways. It’s only because of teamwork that we could pull off this event smoothly and make it a success. Making food for the school support staff was a very tough and huge task for the students.   working collaboratively helped us to understand the nuance of teamwork .it made us realize our responsibility toward social helpers (school support staff). Also, inculcate the habit of understanding working with our own hands rather than being dependent on others.

Karma kitchen was indeed a great event and a new learning experience for me. The support staff really liked our work and we got a lot of appreciation. This boosted me to take part in such events again if occurs in the future.





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