FSMUN decoration!

I was the decoration head of FSMUN 2018-19. This year I have been part of a lot of events mostly as the decoration head. It was same for this event but the challenging part for me was talking to other people especially the ones from other grades. This was also different from all the other event as the decoration was supposed to look formal and should be minimal, this was a new thing for me as for all the other events the decoration had to look interesting and fun and playful while for FSMUN it had to be the complete opposite of everything I have done previously.

LO2:-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
The biggest challenge was to talk to the people of other grades. When it comes to talking with people I am not very good at it and tend to lose on points that I want to put forward. So while planning for the event I had to talk to a student from a different grade whom I did not know because of which it got hard for me to put up my points. Every time, an idea that I thought of got rejected I was not able to persuade them that it is a good idea, whereas they could easily persuade me with their ideas.

LO3:-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
We were done with the planning of the event 1 month prior but when we started working on the plan we named a lot of problems. Once the idea was finalized we started working on them. But during the execution stage, many of our ideas did not work out due to which we had to cancel many of them and also come up with more ideas to cover up the once which got canceled. This also made me realize that we could have tried at least one sample of everything before finalizing the ideas. This could have made the further process easier. Also, there was a last-minute change in the venue because of which again our planning had to change, but we were still able to put up a good decoration. So this showed me how important it was to have a plan while working on an event.

LO7:-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
It was very important to take care of the ethics as we had a budget to keep in mind it was important that we did not waste any materials while making the decoration. It was also important to make sure that I was ethical with my team and did not show bias in any possible way.

After this experience of decoration, I was sure that how important it is to be ready for unexpected things and not to get pressurized easily. I will also try to be ready for unexpected things and mainly stay calm in order to avoid internal conflicts between the team. I also gained confidence in how to talk to others and put up my ideas forward.

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