Global Odyssey!

Global Odyssey was a new event introduced this year where we were supposed to showcase our learning of group 3 subjects which involved business management, psychology, global politics, etc. For this event as well I was a part of the decoration team. As I have already done decoration for various events I thought they doing decoration for this event will be very easy but instead, it flipped around. As we were supposed to work under a budget.

LO3:-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
The planning that was done initially had to change as we came to know that we are supposed to work under a budget. For me, this was the first time that I had to keep the budget in my mind while planning the decoration. This also included going to various places and understanding the cost of various materials. Also this time we were supposed to work in a competently open space, which was also new for me to plan. So we got 4 huts setup from which we extended ropes to hang the decorations. Once the decoration was finalized and the materials were bought, we were able to create the planned decoration by coming early to school and also taking work home. on the day of decoration, the main problem that we faced was the time we were way back on the decoration because of which we had to ask for more manpower which kind of became chaotic as I had to explain everyone what is supposed to be done and what is not. But still the decoration did not turn out the way I wanted to cause we panned all the various decoration we can make but we never actually thought about how to hang them. Due to which the setup did not have a particular rhythm to it but was looking as bit mixed up. Maybe if we had planned before where to put which decoration it would have looked better.

LO5:-Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
Working collaboratively on this project definitely helped as we had a big area to cover and had to make a lot of decoration. One problem that we faced in the team was one of the members not working as much as the other and also having a negative attitude throughout the project. Which also influenced the same attitude in other members as well so I had to bring them all back from from the negative phase into a working phase. While setting up the decoration in the beginning I was very stubborn to get help from more people but as we had less time I had to ask for more people to help in decorations.

LO7:- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Working in a team it as important to make sure that I was ethical with my team members and that I was giving less work to few and more work to the others. Also as we were working for the budget we did not get the material required in the school and the once that we got from school were way too expensive. So we got permission to go and get the materials from outside vendors who are more reasonable. We made sure that we were ethical while our purchase because we did not what to get something that is not of our use and then just end up wasting resources.

Overall, I did learn a lot during this event. Like how important it is to make sure that a budget is met, and if I decide to go for event management in the future, it showed me how important it is to keep a track of everything and also have a full proof plan before we start exciting the ideas. If I would get a chance to do this activity again I would definitely make sure that this time we have a complete plan of everything that we are doing and not only the making stage but also the execution stage.

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