Farewell (CAS PROJECT)

The most important day in the lives of Grade 12 students is their farewell. I had the opportunity to make this day a memorable one for them by becoming the event coordinator. Rishi and I were in charge of the entire event. We got to know on 17th January that we were in charge of planning the farewell, and so we started it as soon as possible. In the first meeting, we decided the sub-coordinators that will help coordinate each department like dance, games, food, music and decoration. As soon we had decided these, we sent out a form to our grade students to choose in which department they would like to work in. Within 5 days we were able to gather responses from all the forms and so, we decided them equally and appropriately according to their choices.  Once this was done, we made several hangout groups: of each department, of the sub-coordinators and a group common for all. Then, we unanimously decided on a theme: Masquerade Ball with a touch of Bohemian. And with this, we asked all the teams to start working and get ideas till the next 15 days. We constantly kept a check on the progress of each group. We even had various meeting and called each team early so that we knew where they were heading and till when we can be done with everything. We also had decided to invite our seniors by giving them 3 different invitations on different dates and venues. All the invitations, we made by the invitations team as well as me. Since we had personalized all the invitations, it took us a lot of time as well as hard work to make them. Along with this, the teacher in charge also kept track of what we did. We had to be ethical at all times and so we made sure that all our ideas were original and ethical. Side by side, we managed to keep the costs of decoration, food, and cake within the budget. We went to various places to find out the cost of the resources we needed so that we could get the resources at a cheaper cost. By 15th February we were ready with the flow of the event and we finalized the games, decorations, and food as well. We were given 2 entire days to rehearse and have a run-through, wherein the decoration team was getting the venue ready for the event, while others were having a run-through. We sent an email to all the students regarding their on-the-day roles. It was a brief email with every single of the event. On the day of the event, this is the 22nd of February, we rehearsed once again and were all set. Everybody had their phones, which made our communication easier. Our seniors were expected to come by 3:00 pm and so we managed to keep everyone ready on their positions by 2:50 pm. At last, the event was successful and it was loved by all. We made our own song for them that was about the hardships faced by an IB student. Our seniors loved it and we were successful in giving them a memorable night.

The learning outcomes achieved:

L1. Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

My strengths are that I was able to manage everyone and I am creative as well. My creativity helped me to give more new and creative ideas to make the event different than what our seniors did. And my management skills helped me be organized and plan it all on time. Time management also helped me keep things on track and divide the time equally to solve the team’s concerns and hear ideas. I could develop my patience because I used to get annoyed when others weren’t doing things on time or on their deadlines.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

While developing my problem-solving skills, I tried solving all the issues my teammates had. It was difficult to address each one of them because any decisions could not be in favor of everyone’s demands. It was difficult to convince them and solve their problems.

L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience

This was my CAS project. We planned everything from scratch. We had to manage the entire event on our own wherein we decided the people who would volunteer, the content of the event, roles, and responsibilities of every individual. So, overall it was a great CAS experience where we were responsible to plan the entire event.

L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience

We were committed to giving our seniors a great experience, and so we were dedicated to making this event successful. We showed perseverance and commitment throughout the event. We used to come early every day and did intensive planning to make this event successful.

L5. Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively

We were a team of approximately 60 people and it was difficult to manage everyone. Although, our work was divided and it helped us decrease the burden. There were many ups and downs. It was difficult to make a few people cooperate, but others were easily listening to our instructions. The event went smoothly due to the hard work of each and every individual. Everyone contributed well which made the work to be done quickly and there was even a mixture of ideas for the event, which was helpful to make this an innovative event.

L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We used resources and we did not waste them and even disposal of the waste was done properly. Along with that our actions were ethical during the entire event, we did not do anything to offend anyone. Throughout the planning of the event and on the day we maintained discipline and were careful of the consequences of all our actions.

Overall, this event was the best event that I have organized. We knew our seniors very well and therefore, this was an emotional event for us. We were all happy to make their day memorable as well as ours. It was an amazing experience.

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