Frisbee tournament in Ahmedabad.

We went for a national level tournament of frisbee in Ahmedabad. Our team ‘Minions’ was selected from our school to represent our school. For this tournament, we prepared for a month. We practised 3 times a week for one month. Our goal was to come first in our pool of teams. We also had the aim of giving equal chances to all players. We also made sure that we keep our spirits high in games.

LO1-Identify own strengths and develop areas of growth
If I wanted to contribute to the team with a good performance I had to make sure my defense gets stronger. I was good at the offence as I Had always played that position but when it came to defense I realize that I needed improvement. For improving my defense strategy I practiced different strategies with other teammates like the cup strategy and the brownie strategy. I practiced for half an hour in each practice session which helped my defence play improve.

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills
There were a lot challenges while learning the defense play. I was a usual offence player so defense was very new to me. I took a lot of time understanding the different strategies as they were very difficult to understand and confusing. I also faced challenges like small injuries and exhaustion. Also, it was very challenging to make my teammates believe that I could play defense play in the tournament as I was not that good at it in the beginning. But as I practiced I got better and my teammates started believing in the fact that I can play defence play too. These challenges helped me in my tournament and I played well in most of the games. There were times when the opposite team offence player was really strong but then I learned from the mistakes I did while defending them and understood which strategies work where.

LO3- Initiate a plan for the CAS experience
I wanted to improve my game as a whole so I initiated a plan. I used to practice defence with alone got half an hour and then I decided to join my team practice in which we improved as a team. Also in the last few practice sessions, I did not practice defence as it was very important to practice strategies with the team.

This experience was a lot of fun as I got to meet many new people and I learnt from players all over India. I adapted new strategies and realized that the spirit of the team is very important.

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