Dance is an art form where the performer expresses their feelings by dance moves and expressions. I use to dance when I was 7 years old.┬áMy parents tell me that whenever music went on, I was the first one to start a dance. Dance is my passion, before 10th grade I use to go, dancing classes, due to exam pressure I left the dance classes. I have learned many forms of dances like hip hop, jazz, salsa and even folk dance like Garba, bhangra and many more…I had an advantage as my height was very small therefore I use to dance in the centre. My favourite dance style is Garaba as I am a Gujarati. And I am a lover of dance, therefore CAS AS gave me an opportunity to pursue dance as my hobby. It has improved my skills and helped me to dance with perfect steps.

LO-2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

My height was too small according to the grade in which I was studying, therefore people use to underestimate me and sometimes I had more stunts to do than dance as people use to believe that his steps will not create an effect on the audience as the hands and legs are small. After understanding the reason behind doing more stunts and less dance, I use to perform all the dance with the attitude which is required for different styles. This helped me a lot, this was an advice given by my Sir.

LO-4- Show commitment to, and perseverance in CAS experiences

IB curriculum has many submissions to be done. And changing in the study pattern was difficult to handle. With so many assignments it was difficult to give the time to the passion, still, I manage my time and use practice 4 hours per week to improve the hand movements. In AS classes we use to practice almost 5-8 times per song.

The final takeaway from this CAS AS was that I was able to learn new dance style and also got to know that there are many problems in life, its how you overcome to that problem. Also, time management is important and there is no need to sacrifice our hobbies

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