Working on my physical fitness: Gym and Swim!

Physical fitness is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. My parents literally abide by it and are very particular about maintaining their physical fitness. This inspired me to ensure my fitness too. Thus, I joined a gym in order to make myself fitter majorly by increasing my endurance and agility and also by toning my body well. In this CAS experience, I achieved LO 2 and 4.

I am generally quite an active person, however, when it comes to exercising, especially gymming, I can easily call myself lazy. As I also play basketball, it is essential for me to have a good endurance and agility. I started going to the gym for 1 hour in the evening after school from Monday to Friday. My father helped me get a gym instructor for myself too. 

Initially, for about 2 weeks, I went regularly, with full enthusiasm. However, sometime later, I didn’t like to go to the gym. I was finding it very difficult to remain regular and consistent. Exercising solely in the gym was not what I liked, and so, my mother suggested me to take up swimming. I used to be a great swimmer earlier, however, as I grew up, almost stopped going. It was a great idea. 

I then planned my schedule in a way I would look forward to working out. I decided I will go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I would go for swimming. Swimming too has been an extremely rigorous and enjoyable workout for me, and my instructor also said it will be a great means of increasing me endurance. 

In this way, I was able to overcome the challenge of boredom and laziness. My instructor planned rest of the three days in the manner that I pay equal attention to my agility, core strength, etc as well. I came to realise that I had good flexibility as I was into Indian classical dancing as well. What I had developed here, I could observe in my basketball games too. I could perform much better than before and felt less tired too. 

This CAS experience, being my most challenging one, has helped me develop greater physical fitness and thereby, lots of confidence about my body and my game too. I am proud to have overcome my challenges and shown commitment and perseverance throughout my CAS experience. I believe I lead a healthier lifestyle now.  

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