CAS Plan

Proposed Activities Description of the activities Components Covered Duration Dates Learning Outcomes achieved
community service There are community service sessions held at FS wherein students from NGO are invited to attend these sessions to learn some new activities. I opted for cooking. cooking is personally something I enjoy doing myself .so I felt, opting for this would be interesting and a good learning experience for myself C, S short term 14-7-2018 to 18-08-2018(only Saturdays) LO 1 ,LO 2,LO 4,LO 5,LO 6
Wahaknui wahakanui was an event based on language where we had studied our unit language in cultural context in form of royal wedding .we explored different types of cultures and use of their language and presented it in form of text types. A, C short term 10-1-19 LO 1, LO 2, LO 4, LO 5
FS cup (CAS project) FS cup is the inter-school sports competition held every year wherein students or teams from different schools come at FS and attend competitions like athletics, basketball, football, etc. C, S short term 19 Jan to 16 Feb (4 Saturdays) LO 1,LO 2,LO 3,LO 5,LO 7
karma kitchen in karma kitchen we cooked food for the support staff also we had decorated the dining area.we gave them thank you card printed in regional language at the end of the event. S, C short term 15-9-2018 LO 1, LO4, LO5
monsoon musing. Monsoon Musing was a event held at Fountainhead School. It was basically a Poem and short story fest and also we had displayed our artwork at the art stall.Monsoon musing also had another component which was seva cafe which was also pulled off by our grade students. Some artworks were on sale and the audience which included parents, teachers and students could buy it at their own quoted price while some artworks were just displayed for the audience to view. S,A short term 1 sept LO 1, LO2, LO4
global Odyssey global Odyssey was an event based on group 3 subjects here in the school itself. the subjcts which we study in group 3 which is humanities were bought in real life aplication .we used the strategies of the respective subject. A , C short term 14-2-19 LO 1,LO 2,LO 3,LO 4,LO 5, LO 6,LO 7
TT in ps Table tennis also is known as ping pong is a sport in which 2 or 4 players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across the table using small rackets. A C long term LO 1,LO 2,LO 3,LO 4,LO 5,LO 7
la vie secrets Mainly focusing on teenagers. Covering topics that teenagers face through their life, for example, love, affection and attraction, peer pressure, parental pressure, use of alcohol, bullying and etc. We will go through the topics by only activities, games and influential compare and contrast done through them; avoiding discussions and boring speeches (but not completely). S,C short term 30-9-18 LO 1, LO 5
baal mela It was a event held in the school itself and under privelrged students attended it.They were made to play games and do artistic stuff . S short term 23 Feb 2019 LO 2, LO 4, LO 5, LO 6

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