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Hi! My name is Reet Ranka, and I am a person who you call as an ambivert. I am currently studying at Fountainhead school. I am 17 and for now, I am trying my level best to get through IBDP. I share a major interest in studying psychology and language at the school, and math is a subject where my engagement level goes down. I was relatively new to IB and had a little tough time to fit in but I gradually did.

I enjoy swimming and cycling but there is no religious involvement in both the activities, also I very very rarely sketch or draw, it helps me to fix my mood. I am a great fan of music and I admire to listen to all kinds of music ranging from soothing and gentle to rock music and raps. I also enjoy watching movies, Tv series, and standups. Also, a nice amount of time is dedicated by me to watch food, travel and adventure videos on YouTube, I sometimes dream to have a job like them or become a stand-up comedian in the future. Hanging out with my friends and chilling are an integral part of my routine but that has lessened now because everyone (including me) is focused on studying and getting good grades and yes!! also due to the neverending course work.

I wish to pursue psychology after school, as it is a subject that fascinates me the most. I also share some amount of interest inĀ  Mass Com. and I would probably do a course to explore the subject. I will also try and explore different fields of different subjects if I am not confident about my career choice, I wish to continue in a field of a subject I enjoy doing the most so that I can give my hundred percent. I want to do something I never get bored of.

I am quite socializing and I would really like to explore different cultures and meet different people with a different set of ideologies. Meeting new people really expands your vision and it also helps you look at things from a different perspective. I wish to expose my self to different kinds of adventure to make everlasting memories.

CAS has really helped me to develop my communication skills as I had a talk with people of almost every age group. It gave me a sense of confidence about I can plan and execute activities. It taught me how teamwork is very important for the execution of activities when conducted for a large amount of audience. It helped me in gaining experiences that I would never forget throughout my life and try and imply it outside the school world.

My ultimate goal is to live a life with no regrets and complete whatever is present on my bucket list even the most trivial once. But for now, I think that I am just gonna complete my ib diploma and chill for a while.

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