Monsoon Musing

Monsoon Musing was a fun event held at Fountainhead School. It was basically a Poem and short story fest and also we had displayed our artwork at the art stall. Monsoon musing also had another component which was seva cafe which was also pulled off by our grade students. Some artworks were on sale and the audience which included parents, teachers and students could buy it at their own quoted price while some artworks were just displayed for the audience to view. Monsoon musing made us realize the importance of literature and it also made me understand the eminence of language which I had never observed prior to this. The artwork created by us were well appreciated and this was a great boost for me as to groom my self creatively.

LO 1: Identify your own strength and develop areas of growth.

  • Art actually helps us to depict our inner feelings. I had chosen Art as to showcase my creativity. I had presented two of my art pieces which I felt till now were best painted by me. The appreciation received by audience helped me boost my moral and I look forward to grooming myself in a creative field like drawing and painting.

LO 2: Demonstrate that challenge have been undertaken and developing new skills in the process.

  • An immense amount of patience and regular practice is required to create an artwork. For me giving time and regular practice, for one thing, is a little tough. Therefore I took up regular practicing as my challenge till I mastered it. I learned a new art form in this process and I see this as my development in the process.

LO 4: show commitment to and perseverance in a CAS experience.

  • The event was held on a non-working day then also I didn’t find any reasons to miss it. We as a grade worked with the same energy as we do in other events.

Monsoon musing was a great success and had received a huge amount of appreciation and this was all because of the hard work put in by fellow classmates and our teachers who guided us at each at every step of the event. This event also gave me a chance to understand the charm of different languages which I had never observed prior to this event.

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