FSMUN Reflection

Over the years I have seen many MUN conferences organized in my city and country and many of my friends have attended several MUNs throughout the years. I also received many invitations from my friends and other people to participate in MUNs however I rejected all of them because I had a fear of public speaking and was less motivated to engage in such educational and social events. One day I was introduced about FSMUN, which was being organized by my friends and fellow colleagues in our school. This Time I decided myself that i will attend this conference and experience it at least once. I did some background research to decide which committee I want to join. Having learned about the United Nations in my Global politics class, it was easy for me to choose the committee of my interest and so I finally went with DISEC as my committee. After few days I was made the delegate of Israel which was one of the important countries to the agenda of the debate and therefore I started my research. 


Learning outcomes achieved :


L1 – Identify own strengths and develop new areas for growth 

This event provided me the opportunity to develop and enhance my communication skills. I was ready with my research and data collection as I used my research skills effectively in this process However on the day of the conference I was not confident, I was shy and nervous to speak my points. My communication skills were weak but once I started speaking my point, I started to feel more and more confident and eventually I improved on my public speaking and communication skills .


L2 – Develop that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills 

Public speaking was one of the main challenges I faced in the initial phase of the event. Somehow I could not find the confidence to speak in front of the chair and other delegates. In the break The chair asked me why was I not speaking when I had good data and information. He gave me some advice and courage and I was able to tackle that challenge slowly and steadily 


L4 – Commitment to and perseverance 

After registering for the conference I had to be committed to the agenda of the debate and have good research about my country for whom I am the delegate. While speaking I had to commit to my country and ensure that I speak all my points and arguments in the best interest of my country. 


L5 – Demonstrate skills and benefit of working collaboratively 

It is a vital part to find and form allies of your delegation ( in my case israel) in these conferences. After alliances have been formed, delegates need to debate in support of each other and make points in the interest of their countries. In this MUN I successfully collaborated with other delegates and researched together as a team. Working together benefitted both the parties .


L6. Engagement with issues of global significance 

MUNs are excellent platforms to discuss about global problems and how to find a mutual solutions to these problems of global significance, since I was in DISEC our agenda for debate was terrorism which is an issue of great importance is today’s world. Over the course of 2 days we as learners came with various solutions to fight terrorism and how to make the world more peaceful.

Official Participation Certificate


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