La Vie Secrets (The secret life)

This was CAS projects done by some of my friends, and I got a chance to volunteer it. The event mainly focused on teenagers and day to day issues faced by them in their life. The choice of topic was such that was familiar to students, By this event, we aimed to make it clearer to them. Some of the topics which were covered in the event included love and affection, peer pressure, parental pressure, alcohol abuse, etc. Each topic was covered through activity or a game. Long boring lectures and discussions were avoided …cause hello? who would like that on a bright sunny Sunday morning. Teachers from Fountainhead School were involved in carrying out discussions with the children. They shared their stories and personal experiences to develop the interest of students. They tried and created a friendly atmosphere for the children and all the children actively participated. My role at the event was to create a beautiful place where children would like to sit and spend time, which means I was volunteering for the decoration team. I and my schoolmates decorated the area with beautiful handmade craft items. it seemed a bit like a challenge first as it was a huge place but we all made a great team together, and we made trough the decoration of that area too.

LO1: Identify own strength and develop areas for growth.

I see craft as my strength, so I joined the decoration team for the event. While we were thinking of making different kinds of craftworks, I came across many things that were unknown to me. I gave my hundred percent in making those craftworks and we all decorate the place very nicely where the children would enjoy working.

LO 5: Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively.

As stated that it was a huge place, a lot of decoration pieces were required. The craftwork was distributed amongst the team members equally and preferably everyone was given work they are comfortable and good at doing. We made everything prior to the event, and on the event day we put up everything at the place which was assigned to us. We made sure that no spot is left empty and the decoration was done before everyone arrived.

This was a great event, and I am pretty sure this was a great learning experience for everyone who attended the event.

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