Global Odyssey

We, the students of grade 11 have organized an event called ‘Global Odyssey’. This is an event to exhibit learning across subjects from Humanities including business management, psychology, ITGS, Economics, Global Politics. We were  focusing on the concepts of Globalisation, Innovation, and Ethics. There were various teams like entertainment, food, logistics, fashion and tourism, finance and decoration team. I was appointed as the event coordinator for the event. This vibrant and engaging event includes different stalls where one can take part in numerous games, activities, finger-licking food and buy fancy accessories. The groups had come up with ideas inculcating the subject concepts to showcase their learning. Some part of the money collected will be donated to MISSING GIRL CHILD, a public awareness campaign which aims to sensitize the populace to the plight of millions of little girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Working locally and globally, the campaign done by the organization is educating individuals and communities to put an end to this modern-day slavery. The group 3 subjects quite interest me which encouraged me to do this event. The main purpose was to showcase our learning of classes through a creative platform.

Learning outcomes achieved:

L3: Initiate and plan a CAS experience

We had to plan the whole event, from scratch, which included handling all the different teams and their requirements. The event took place on 14th February 2019 and we started our planning from 14th January 2019. In the first week, we coordinated with the teacher in charges to understand the requirements of the event and made it all clear to the groups. The next week all the groups had been brainstorming with ideas what they intended to put into execution through the event. Though there were some groups who weren’t able to finish the work, we made sure to sit with them and help them to get a way out of the problem and finish their tasks on time.

It was very important to adhere to deadlines so that all work can be monitored as well as effectively managed. Though there were some problems faced here since there were a lot of events piled up ahead. We had a lot of work to do, so it was necessary to prioritize things to make things work in favor. As the event came closer, we got our marketing team on toes, we thought of the different ways that we had been taught to grab the audience’s attention. We had chosen to have a unique and attractive marketing strategy, so we had gone ahead with guerilla marketing. Everybody had enjoyed the marketing, the audience, as well as the group members, who had always been excited to go for marketing.

The decoration team was able to independently work after they had received their resources. They were able to work and bring up amazing decors for the event day. The logistics team had most part of their work to be done before the event since they were helping to put up the decorations and other arrangements before the event. But they didn’t give up and wanted to be part of the event, so on the day, they had been helping with the finances of the various groups. All of this had helped us in the event making it successful. On the day, each member was on their toes, running here and there for arranging everything and making this a productive one. Everything seemed to be just running smoothly throughout the event and each one’s hard work had paid off through the event being successful.

This video shows our marketing in school!


L4: Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience

I was really committed towards this event from the first day as it felt really engaging and helped us to put our subject concepts in real life. Also, a small part of the money earned was donated in NGO which works for a Noble cause. This made me more enthusiastic about working for the event. We didn’t miss any meetings and made sure to encourage other groups to make through the deadlines. There were times when we had to sit with the groups individually to help them in the thought process. Even though there were many difficulties that we had to face, we were able to deal with all of them and make this event possible. Determination led to the success of the event.


L6: Engagement with issues of global significance

10% of the money earned was donated to a renowned NGO ‘Missing girls’.This is a non-profit organization using art and technology for social change. It spreads awareness about human trafficking and also takes actions to stop these practices. Human trafficking has always been a serious global issue. This organization came to our school and informed us about sex trafficking and even have their app: Missing girls. We were moved by what this organization did, and so we decided to donate our earnings to them and be a part to stop human trafficking.

L7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We had chosen to remain ethical whatever may come. We made sure to adhere to this and the groups had also helped us by making the customers gain trust towards us. We had made sure to minimize the wastage of resources so that the environment is not harmed. We had also built an image of the event such that the people had been known to the idea of money being donated to the missing girl child organization.

This experience has added to my treasure of memories. This was our way of expressing gratitude to our education. This was an opportunity as well as exposure given to us to showcase our subject learning and getting to know its real-life application. In the 21st century, it is believed that young minds are the upcoming entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas. And through this, we made this belief sound as we had come up with not only unique but out of the box ideas. This lifted the event towards success.

All the skills that we learned in school were put into practice to bring such an amazing show, there were some skills at which we lacked but have developed through this process. There had been ups and downs in the planning and execution of the event but since all of us were together throughout, we were able to sail this boat across easily. We were also able to bring a change and contribute by giving some part of the money to the non-profit organization- Missing Girl Child. Though this was a small contribution it created a positive impact to stop human trafficking. The execution of the whole event was just done right making it successful!

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