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Hey! My name is Vraj Patel and I am eighteen years old, I belong to a Gujurati family. I am studying at Fountainhead School and currently doing IBDP. I am a person who is always excited about doing an adventurous task. I am a friendly guy but I am really short-tempered. I am crazy about motorbikes and love to drive them, also a member of a bikers-gang at Baroda. I really to drive motorbikes and try new stunts. I am a lover of dogs and I had also done an enterprise project in Grade 10 for training dogs and taking care of them. I love playing Basketball especially when the opponent teams are tough. The subject which interests me a lot are Maths, Business Management and Economics. And I really love to solve mathematical sums just it refreshes my mind.

Meeting different people in life shares knowledge to society, therefore I would like to do my future studies at abroad. I am a person who is not satisfied with small things and want to achieve big things in life, inspired by my dad. I dream of being independent, earn respect and make my parents feel proud.


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