CAS Plan

Service Sessions For this activity, I am responsible for conducting the class of Basketball, where I teach the underprivileged students from different school about how to play Basketball Long term 14-7-18 As I have experience of 2 years, so I know the basic skills.I love playing basketball and I like giving training to poor students. This is not just a service but it is also spreading awareness about the sport and we can help to develop their skills and they can be the further player. School Kiran Sir & other
CAS AS For AS, I have selected the Dance Education Program (DEP). In DEP, we learn different styles of dancing such as Hip-hop, Freestyle, etc.Then we practised for a special dance for AS performance. C Long term 4-7-18 I am dancing from past 7 years and it is my passion and I love doing it. I selected dance because it also helps to maintain our health and be fit. School Natasha ma’am & Jay Sir
Box Cricket I had volunteered in the event as a scorekeeper and an empire. I had also stuck up some posters. S short term I did manage and did scorekeeping, sticking the posters and umpiring. I know cricket rules and know how to manage the time and stuff, which helped me and my main motive to select this service as I wanted to develop my management skills. Out of school The event coordinator(Vansh, Rhythm, Harsh)
CAS PS For PS, I have selected Basketball. In Basketball PS, we play Basketball and improve our skills. A Long term 6-7-18 I have an interest and I want to improve my controlling skills In school Krushi Sir
Fitness Training &Gyming I am going to a gym for 1 hour every day and maintain a balanced diet and do exercise. A Long term To gain weight and maintain the shape of the body. Try to develop my muscles Out of school
FS Cup C,A,S short term I want to organize the whole event with a partner (Diya, Khushi, Jainam) by inviting schools and have a tournament of basketball. School
Bal Mela S short term 2-10-18 I want to entertain the poor kids and make them happy by managing the event and try to have as many activities as possible and want to make the event perfect. In school
Wakanui For this activity, grade eleven was provided with an opportunity of extending their knowledge of the IB English learning outcomes by exploring them trough making different text types. These text types were put together to represent a few royal families’ weddings. My role in this event was as a team leader of the Middle East team which covered two royal weddings. C,A,S short term 10-1-19 LO1,LO2,LO3,LO4,LO5,LO7 In school Fatima Pothiawala
FSMUN A short term
Mount Abu C, A short term 23-12-18 Out of school Bhumit Kansara

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