CAS Plan


Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration (long term/short term) Investigation- a. What are your skills/interest and what is your purpose for selecting this CAS experience? b. incase of service- What is the issue you will be focusing on? Learning Outcomes you aim to achieve Supervisor
Service Sessions I would be teaching some basic skills
to the children who are unprivileged
and for whom this game is new.
S, A Long Term My interest is to teach frisbee to unprivileged children. And to get them involved in the sport which is new for them. I think that the challenge I would face is with handling so many children as I don’t have experience of this. LOs:- 1, 4, 5. The sport supervisor.
MUN At this conference, I will be representing a country.
And we would discuss the global issues.
C Short term I would get a stage to express myself and would get a chance to overcome my stage fear. LOs:- 1, 6. Photos
(CAS) AS I will be painting on a canvas. This would be the
the first time that I will be expressing my ideas, by
painting on a canvas.
C Long Term I will get a chance to try out something new, and it is an activity in which I am interested. LOs:- 1, 2. Virendra Sir
Bal Mela This is an event organized by the school, it is a one-day event where the students from underprivileged backgrounds come to the school and they get to play many different types of games like sack race, face painting, three-legged and 37 such other activities. I will be a volunteer in this event wherein I will manage the activity called sack race. A, S Short term The purpose for selecting this CAS experience is to provide service, I think that Bamela is a platform where the children could explore in different fields like arts, sports, etc. This is an opportunity for them to express themselves in the best way possible, and by volunteering in events like these, I feel that I help them to express their happiness by becoming a part of the event. LOs:- 4, 5, 6. Tejas Sir
Volunteer for “Foot box” I will volunteer in a football tournament, where I am the in-charge of managing the schedule of the teams and keeping the scores. I am also supposed to make sure that the event goes as planned. A, S Short term I will get a chance to improve my management skills, I would also be getting exposure to real-life situations where I would learn to deal with on the spot problems. And I would also get a chance to bring creative solutions to real-life problems. LOs:- 2, 3, 7. Photos
Volunteer for “Art For everyone” I will volunteer in art classes and then
a competition where first we will teach students
from the government, school to draw and
paint. And then I would help the organizers
to conduct a competition.
S, C Medium-term I would be dealing with all kinds of students, from good student artists to beginners. I would enhance my art skills. And would get a chance to serve some service to the society. LOs:- 1, 5. Photos
Incharge for “Monsoon Musings” I am an in-charge of ‘Seva Cafe’ under monsoon musings. S Short term I will be providing service to the people visiting the event by serving them food made by us students. The food provided will be free of cost and it will be open to charity as the money collected will be used for some good cause. LOs:- 2, 5. Photos, and teachers
Nature camp to Mt. Abu I will be attending the nature camp to Mt. Abu. To get an adventure in nature. A Short term There I will get a chance to get out of my comfort zone and experience the tent life in-between nature. Where the fear of wild animals will thrill us and I will get a chance of trekking in the forest and get an experience of caving in the natural, dark caves. LOs:- 2, 5, 7. Photos and teachers accompanying us on the trip.
Personal Sports I have chosen table tennis as my personal sport. A Long Term I will be able to enhance my fitness and will be able to learn new skills, as until now I was playing frisbee but this is my first time opting for table tennis as my personal sport. The coach.
Cultural Day Culture day, also called Whakanui was an event where we as students are given an opportunity to explore the cultures of different regions. We will be divided into groups so that we could represent the cultures of different regions. In our group, we will explore the rituals of the royal wedding of that culture. I had registered to be a group leader and had passed to meet the requirements to be the group leader. C Medium-term I will get an opportunity to be a leader, and my group mates in order to achieve our goals and meet the criteria for the best group. LOs:- 1, 3, 4, 5. Subhalaxmi ma’am.
Group 3 event This is an event related to group 3 subject Business Management. This event is named Global Odyssey. We will be divided into different groups and accordingly will be allotted different topics. There will be different groups representing different topics like entertainment, tourism, enterprise food, etc. And we will also make the audience play some active games. C, A, S Medium-term I will be a part of a group where I will get a chance to enhance my creative skills and will get up with creative ideas to accomplish the goals. LOs:- 3, 6, 7. Iyman ma’am

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